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International Institutions

The international appearance of IUCAB has not only brought recognition by the international business world of the extremely efficient and effective role of commercial agents and independent sales companies in international trade and distribution, but also official recognition of IUCAB by Governmental Institutions. With a view to representing, protecting and promoting the common interests of commercial agents and independent sales companies worldwide, IUCAB participates in the activities of and cooperates with trade and lobbying organisations. In line with its mission to be the voice for the commercial agency profession worldwide, close relations exist between IUCAB Member Associations and both national and international trade organisations, manufacturers organisations, Chambers of Commerce and lobbying organisations.


  • Worldwide networking and exchange.
  • IUCAB is the international voice of commercial agents and international stakeholders.
  • IUCAB is the one and only contact partner regarding the Commercial Agents Directive of the EU.
  • Excellent relations with international trade and manufacturer organisations.
  • Cooperation with other organisations.

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