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Commercial agencies are independent professional providers of field sales and marketing services to manufacturers or suppliers. They typically handle a portfolio of related but non-competitive product lines, working under a contractual arrangement within a defined geographic territory on an exclusive basis. In fact, commercial agencies are the manufacturers’ sales personnel in the territory paid on a commission basis and as such they are the most cost-effective manner in reaching the market channel. Commercial agencies and independent sales companies are therefore an already long time existing solution for manufacturers and suppliers to market their products in countries all over the world keeping overhead low and standardising sales costs. Through the leading international platform for trade and distribution, IUCAB supports principals (manufacturers/suppliers) around the globe to develop and expand their sales through arranging representations.


  • Worldwide networking and exchange regarding the distribution channel of commercial agents and independent sales companies.
  • Commercial agencies are the cost-effective sales professionals for manufacturers.
  • Advantages of working with commercial agents and independent sales companies.
  • IUCAB B2B Platform – Find commercial agents.
  • Exchange knowledge and experience.
  • Excellent relations with international trade and lobbying organisations.

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