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About us

IUCAB is the Worldwide Alliance of National Associations of commercial agents (or manufacturers’ representatives as they are commonly referred to in the US), brokers as well as independent sales companies. With more than 60 years of experience along with deep knowhow around the topic of sales, IUCAB successfully represents as a strong partner the career and economic interests of its Member Associations as well as their members at an international level.

A worldwide network
Today’s Membership of IUCAB consists of 21 National Associations throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa representing approximately 600,000 commercial agencies and independent sales companies. The agencies generate a turnover of EUR 999 billion. Commercial agencies are independent professional providers of field sales and marketing services to manufacturers or suppliers.

Who can join IUCAB?

  • Membership of IUCAB is open for National Associations of commercial agents, brokers as well as independent sales companies.
  • Individual commercial agencies which are interested to join the IUCAB Network should apply for membership of the National Association in their country. Agencies from countries not represented in IUCAB by membership of an association are entitled to a membership as Affiliate Members only.
  • National and international organisations who wish to take part in IUCAB activities or to develop a close contact with IUCAB can be accepted as Affiliate Members.

 IUCAB. We speak the international language of sales.

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