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Today, more than 60% of decision makers search for products and solutions on the internet. Commercial agents should therefore position themselves as suitable business partners at an early stage. However, to be found they must be visible on the internet. With a public profile, which is a kind of an individual website, they can present their agencies, products and services to potential and existing customers.

IUCAB offers commercial agents a public profile for free on the B2B platform as long as they are members of one of the Member Associations of IUCAB participating in the platform.

Improve your online presence for free
Commercial agents without an own website in particular benefit even more from this opportunity. Those who have already created a public profile get better search engine rankings than their principals. Every input of the commercial agents contributes to a better ranking of the B2B platform by Google.

Once registered on the B2B platform, agents can create a public profile and also publish posts and upload pictures. In addition, the social media profiles can be linked to the public profile.

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