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Worldwide alliance for national commercial agent’s organisations

IUCAB is an international alliance that, through its membership, advocates for and supports national agent’s organisations and their members in the field of sales.

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Discover our global alliance

Since 70 years, we support National Associations of commercial agents to advocate for their interests with political and governmental bodies. We work to facilitate connections with business alliances seeking agents, through the provision of a B2B platform connecting agents and principals.

With over seven decades of experience and extensive expertise in the field of sales, IUCAB effectively serves as a robust partner, advocating for the professional and economic interests of its Member Associations and their individual members on a global scale.

Which benefits to join IUCAB

By joining IUCAB, National Associations of commercial agents can bring more added value to their own members. IUCAB offers a set of services and benefits.

Facts & Figures

By providing updated analyses and figures annually, IUCAB offers valuable assistance to commercial agents in the context of their roles and development.

Advice & Expertise

IUCAB provides extensive legal advice and support. Addressing technical legal matters related to commercial agency law requires expertise and practical experience across various domains.


The world is changing along with the ways of working and tools. The IUCAB Expert Group is developing training programs with various modules for Member Associations.


Every year since 2011 IUCAB awards a commercial agent,  member of a National Association, based on the quality of his work and performance.


IUCAB has established partnerships with companies present in numerous countries to provide members of National Associations with special discounts.

Speakers list

IUCAB offers a list of speakers who will share their experience of the profession of commercial agents to help organisations to the subject understand the benefits of working with commercial agents.

B2B Platform

The national B2B platforms enable the meeting between commercial agents and manufacturers seeking a sales force in different countries.

The Member Associations of IUCAB

Members of IUCAB are present on 5 continents across the globe. In total, 21 National Associations are part of the global alliance and benefit from its services, representing over 600,000 commercial agents.

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