Executive Committee meeting in Barcelona

24 Nov 2023
The ExCom Members met on 17th November 2023

70th IUCAB Delegates Meeting in Germany

15 Jun 2023
The 70th Annual Meeting was held on 18th May 2023 in Berlin

Executive Committee meeting in Boston

18 Apr 2023
The ExCom Members met on 31st March 2023

Secretarial Working Group Meeting

1 Feb 2023
The National Secretaries held a meeting on 27th January 2023 in Lyon, France

IUCAB Executive Committee meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland

1 Dec 2022
The ExCom met on 25th Nov 2022

New Regulation of vertical agreements in distribution 2022-2034

23 Jun 2022
Successful lobbying by IUCAB.

69th IUCAB Delegates Meeting

2 Jun 2022
The 69th Annual Meeting of IUCAB was held on 27th May 2022 in Limassol.

IUCAB Executive Committee meeting in Marseille, France

24 Mar 2022
The Executive Committee met on 18th March 2022

National Secretaries exchanged virtually

31 Jan 2022
The Secretarial Working Group met virtually on 28th January 2022

Meeting in Lyon and exchange with GL Events & SIRHA

8 Oct 2021
The Executive Committee of IUCAB met on 24th Sep 2021 in Lyon.

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