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What are sales reps and what do they do

7 Jun 2024
Sales representatives are professionals who play an essential role in a company’s growth and success.

Expand into new markets with commercial agents.

7 Jun 2024
More and more companies are turning to outsourced sales forces by entrusting the sale of their products or services to independent sales agents.

Selection criteria for choosing your next sales agent

7 Jun 2024
If you’ve decided to take the plunge by hiring your first independent sales agent, you probably have a set of questions swirling in your mind.

How Do Commercial Agents Get Paid?

7 Jun 2024
If you’re searching for an independent sales agent for the first time to boost your company’s sales, it’s natural to wonder about their compensation.

How to Get a Commercial Agent

7 Jun 2024
You’ve made the decision to enlist an independent commercial agent to boost your sales force.

Exploring niche market through commercial agents

7 Jun 2024
Using independent commercial agents comes with multiple advantages.

How to recruit an independent sales agent

7 Jun 2024
Is your company looking to expand, enter a new market, or expand its sales activities?

What are the advantages of commercial agents?

7 Jun 2024
More and more companies are considering the value of commercial agents in their development, either as replacements or supplements to their traditional sales force.

Successful 71st IUCAB Delegates Meeting in Vienna, Austria

16 May 2024
Delegates Meeting held in IUCAB headquarters Vienna, Austria

Secretarial Working Group met on 26th January 2024 in London, UK

31 Jan 2024
The National Secretaries held a meeting on 26th January 2024

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