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IUCAB is representing the interests of the commercial agents and the independent sales companies around the globe. Furthermore, IUCAB offers to the Member Associations a worldwide network and support for their members. Some exceptional services are:

  • Sharing best practices between all National Member Associations.
  • Making use of legal advice and assistance.
  • Benefiting from the IUCAB B2B Platform to find new business partners.
  • Taking advantage of special reports covering a wide variety of legal matters of interest to commercial agents.
  • Using the meeting point facilities at the offices of the Member Associations.
  • Profiting from reduced admittance rates for attending fairs/exhibitions or from special IUCAB discounts.
  • Be nominated for the George Hayward Award “The International Commercial Agent of the year”.

Benefit from the numerous offers and join us.

Who can join?

  • Membership of IUCAB is open for National Associations of commercial agents, brokers as well as independent sales companies.
  • Individual commercial agencies which are interested to join the IUCAB Network should apply for membership of the National Association in their country. Agencies from countries not represented in IUCAB by membership of an association are entitled to a membership as Affiliate Members only.
  • National and international organisations who wish to take part in IUCAB activities or to develop a close contact with IUCAB can be accepted as Affiliate Members.

Facts & Figures

By providing updated analyses and figures annually, IUCAB offers valuable assistance to commercial agents in the context of their roles and development.

Advice & Expertise

IUCAB provides extensive legal advice and support. Addressing technical legal matters related to commercial agency law demands expertise and practical experience across various domains.


The world is changing, along with the ways of working and tools. The IUCAB Expert Group is developing training programs with various modules for national organisations.


Every year since 2011, IUCAB awards a commercial agent,  member of a national organisation, based on the quality of his work and performance.


IUCAB has established partnerships with companies present in numerous countries to provide members of national organisations with special discounts.

Speakers list

IUCAB offers a list of speakers who will share their experience of the profession of commercial agents to help organisations to the subject understand the benefits of working with commercial agents

B2B Platform

The national B2B platforms enable the meeting between commercial agents and manufacturers seeking a sales force in different countries.

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