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IUCAB supports manufacturers around the globe to develop and expand their sales

IUCAB is a global alliance that brings together national organisations of commercial agents and facilitates connections with manufacturers

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Why considering IUCAB as a manufacturer

Since 70 years, the alliance support the importance of commercial agents in front of political authorities and provided information about the role of commercial agents. In addition, IUCAB facilitates the connection between commercial agents and businesses seeking a sales force to support them in their development. To achieve this, an international B2B platform has been created.

Platform for connecting with commercial agents

IUCAB has developed a B2B platform that lists over 15,000 independent commercial agents worldwide, detailing their skills, scope of work, and expertise. The aim is to facilitate connections with businesses that can also post agent research.

This platform also allows manufacturers to broadcast targeted ads based on their market and preferred location, making it easier to find the right person for their search.

Speakers list

IUCAB offers a list of speakers who will share their experience of the profession of commercial agents to support manufacturers to increase their performance or to promote sale techniques.

Commercial agencies serve as independent professionals offering field sales and marketing services to manufacturers or suppliers. They manage a set of related, non-competitive product lines under a contractual agreement, operating exclusively in a defined geographic territory. These agencies act as the manufacturers’ sales personnel, working on a commission basis, making them a cost-effective means of reaching the market channel. As a long-established solution, commercial agencies and independent sales companies enable manufacturers and suppliers to market products globally, minimising overhead and standardising sales costs. IUCAB, supports manufacturers and suppliers worldwide in developing and expanding their sales by arranging representations.

The Member Associations of IUCAB

Members of IUCAB are present on 5 continents across the globe. In total, 21 National Associations are part of the global alliance and benefit from its services, representing over 600,000 commercial agents.

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