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IUCAB is the voice for the commercial agent profession in front of political and government

IUCAB is an international alliance that brings together national associations of commercial agents and establishes connections with companies seeking agents.

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The role of IUCAB

IUCAB’s global presence has not only garnered acknowledgment from the international business community for the efficient role of commercial agents and independent sales companies in global trade but also earned official recognition from governmental institutions. In pursuit of representing, safeguarding, and advancing the collective interests of commercial agents and independent sales companies worldwide, IUCAB actively engages with trade and lobbying organisations. Aligning with its mission to advocate for the global commercial agency profession, IUCAB Member Associations maintain strong ties with national and international trade organisations, manufacturers’ associations, Chambers of Commerce, and lobbying groups.

The Member Associations of IUCAB

Members of IUCAB are present on 5 continents across the globe. In total, 21 National Associations are part of the global alliance and benefit from its services, representing over 600,000 commercial agents.

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