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IUCAB Annual Delegates Meeting in Ljubljana

The Annual Delegates Meeting of IUCAB was held this year in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From 12th until 14th June 2014 presidents and national secretaries of all member associations met each other in the wonderful city of Ljubljana. Its Chamber of Commerce hosted and organised the annual meeting.

On the 1st day members of the Secretarial Working Group (SWG) and Legal Working Group (LWG) met each other in order to exchange relevant information about their associations and legal blog. Main topic within SWG was the outcome of the IUCAB Survey and the importance of the information the member associations had given. Main topic within the LWG was the evaluation of the developments regarding the evaluation of the Commercial Agent Directive and the rights of the commercial agent regarding E-Commerce.

On the 2nd day all Presidents had their annual delegates meeting. Presentations were given by representatives of the European Economical and Social Committee (EESC) and by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. Both representatives gave their view on the economic activities both in Slovenia and Europe and the importance of commercial agents.

IUCAB Vice President, Mr. Walter Krammer and CEO Co-Director General of CDH, Mr. Eckhard Döpfer informed the delegates about the evaluation of the Commercial Agent Directive by the European Commission. Both gentlemen were, amongst others, responsible for the lobby work in order to maintain the current Directive and they informed the delegates about the public consultation of the Directive on commercial agents which will start end of July 2014. The Directive is very important for all members of IUCAB and IUCAB will inform their members about the way to handle the questions of the Public Questionnaire which can be completed through an online survey.

IUCAB Vice President, Mr. Olivier Mazoyer reported on goals and future of IUCAB. One of the tools IUCAB wants to use in the future will be the use of expert groups within IUCAB, such as marketing, communication, manufacturer lobby, political lobby, internet/social media, advisory and training.

The presentation was followed by a report of IUCAB Vice President, Mr. Jan Björnum, who informed the participants about the IUCAB strategy and he referred to a recent survey held in Scandinavia about the conjunction changes agents have to deal with. The term of office of Mr. Kriton Phitidis expired as President of IUCAB and Mr. Mazoyer, was unanimously elected as new President. The term of office of Mr. Björnum expired as well and two new Vice Presidents were elected; Mr. Carlo Tabellini as representative of the Italian commercial agents organisation USARCI and Mr. Ole Kristian Bull, representative of Virke, the enterprise federation of Norway.

Vice President of IUCAB Mr. Ralf Scholz reported on the meeting of the IUCAB platform developments, the importance of the use of the IUCAB logo and flyer.

Mrs. Jasna Triller, director and owner IDentiks Card Systems d.o.o., from Slovenia has won the George Hayward Award 2014. Mrs. Triller has been chosen because she has been able to be successful with a young company and new products resulting in a steadily growth of the company earnings.

The Annual Delegates Meeting of IUCAB 2015 will be held in the month of May in Warsaw, Poland.

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