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IUCAB Annual Delegates Meeting in Méry sûr Oise

The 59th edition of the Annual IUCAB Delegates Meeting was held this year in Méry sûr Oise, France, and hosted by the FNAC, one of the IUCAB Member Associations in France. Large numbers of Delegates from the IUCAB Member Associations throughout the world assembled for this yearly event.

In his opening speech, IUCAB President Mr. Kriton Phitidis gratefully acknowledged that the number of Delegates participating at the annual meetings is strong as ever and was a clear expression of the fact that all IUCAB Member Associations are strongly committed to the IUCAB cause despite the current turbulent economic and financial climate.
The National Association of commercial agents of Slovenia was admitted as a Member of IUCAB. It is the first time in IUCAB history, that an Eastern European Association is admitted as a Member.

Further positive blog was that the Spanish central roof organisation of commercial agents in Spain was admitted as Member of IUCAB.

After a temporary suspension of its Membership in 2010, IUCAB was glad to re-admit MANA as a full Member for North America.

Mr. Eric Enrech and Mr. Walter Krammer were unanimously elected as new IUCAB Vice Presidents, succeeding Mr. Uwe Kroiss and Mr. Rifà. Mr. Ralf Scholz was unanimously re-elected for a further term of office as IUCAB Vice President. Important progress was made with the IUCAB Platform During the presentation on the subject, Mrs. Katharina Graf of Increon GmbH informed the National Delegates of the fast developments in that area. Reports on the legal developments, EuroCommerce matters and Secretarial Working Group matters were reported on, each showing positive developments for the commercial agency profession and the associations which take care of the interests of the profession.

Mr. Phitidis concluded the meeting by thanking the National Delegates and CEO’s of the National Associations for their continued dedication: “the future of the commercial agency profession depends on you, all together we will navigate through these stormy times to ensure that commercial agents continue to remain a key factor in the chain of trade and commerce”, Mr. Phitidis was quoted during his closing speech.

Next year’s IUCAB Annual Delegates Meeting will be organised and hosted by the IUCAB Member Association in Finland from 28 May through 1st June 2013.

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