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IUCAB Annual Delegates Meeting in Salzburg

Delegates, National Secretaries and Legal Advisors of the IUCAB Member Associations from all over Europe and North America assembled in Salzburg from 29th May to 1st June 2013 for this year’s Annual Delegates Meeting also marking the 60th Anniversary of the IUCAB Organisation.

This landmark event was superbly organised and hosted by the Austrian Member Association of IUCAB. Mr. Axel Sturmberger, President of the Regional Association in Salzburg, and his staff together with IUCAB Vice President Mr. Walter Krammer were key actors and succeeded in organising an unforgettable event in excellent style.

The National Secretaries assembled on 30th May 2013 as did the Members of the Legal Working Group.

The meeting of the National Secretaries provided an opportunity for the single Member Associations of IUCAB to do presentations and report on achievements, developments and targets for the future years.

Highlighted topics were the organisation of webinars for Members of the National Organisations, the carrying out of economic surveys by the National Associations of their Members and comparing the responses on a quarter by quarter basis.

Chairman of the IUCAB Secretarial Working Group (SWG), Mr. Olivier Mazoyer (IUCAB Vice President) is similarly in charge of supervising an international survey among the Membership of the Associations united under the IUCAB umbrella.

On Friday 30th May 2013 the Delegates, National Secretaries and Legal Advisors assembled.

An historical summary of IUCAB’s achievements, aims and targets for the future was presented to the Participants by Secretary General Mr. Jaap van Till.

Much attention was given to the further intensification of the marketing of the come-into-contact matchmaking platform.

IUCAB Vice President Mr. Jan Björnum did a lively and informative presentation on IUCAB strategy which he urged the National Associations to see to it that strategy issues are also implemented on a national basis.

IUCAB Vice President Mr. Ralf Scholz and Mr. Eckhard Döpfer, CEO of the CDH, did a thorough presentation on the IUCAB Platform Project ( The platform gets 100.000 visitors and 600.000 page views per year and a PDF brochure that can be customised has been made available to allow Member Associations to promote the site.

IUCAB Vice President Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, reported on the meeting of the SWG in Amsterdam during the month of January 2013. Mr. Mazoyer’s presentation was followed by presentation by Members of the SWG.

Mr. David Johnson was unanimously elected as new IUCAB Vice President. During his election speech, Mr. Johnson expressed his passion of the profession and the need to educate the new young generation entering into the profession. He also spoke in laudatory terms about his predecessor, former IUCAB Vice President Mr. Paul Wakeling who retired as Secretary General of the MAA in March of this year.
Plans for the IUCAB International Congress 2015 to be held in Istanbul, Turkey were presented by Mr. Olivier Mazoyer.

The 2013 Annual Delegates Meeting will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Philip Hallerfelt from Sweden has won the George Hayward Award 2013. A commercial agent and already the recipient of international awards in recognition of his ability to create new markets for his exclusive shoe brands in the Nordic countries. Philip Hallerfelt was unable to attend but sent his speech as a recorded video which will be also published on the IUCAB Website.

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