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IUCAB International Congress

The 2011 IUCAB International Congress came to a successful conclusion with a Gala Dinner at the Ksar el Hamra in Marrakech on Friday 3rd June 2011.

Organised by the French IUCAB Member Association APAC, the Congress took place in Marrakech under the theme of “Forecasting of the Future of the Commercial Agent in a Global World”. The Congress attracted Participants from all over Europe, Africa and the US.

The Congress featured IUCAB President Mr. Kriton Phitidis, APAC President Mr. Olivier Mazoyer and renowned speakers as Prof. Frank Azimont of the famous AM Lyon-Business School, Mr. Raymond Hall, former CEO of the US Electronics Representatives Association International and Mr. Michael Sarris, former Director at the World Bank and former Finance Minister of Cyprus.

Media Representatives attended the Congress and attracted media coverage through interviews with Members of the IUCAB Executive Committee and the Congress speakers.

Closing addresses were given by APAC President Mr. Olivier Mazoyer and IUCAB Secretary General Mr. Jaap van Till.

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