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IUCAB Legal Working Group meets in Rome

On 11th April 2014,the Members of the IUCAB Legal Working Group (LWG) assembled at the offices of the Italian IUCAB Member Association Unione Sindicati Agenti e Rappresentanti Commercia Italiani  (USARCI) for their spring meeting. The meeting was hosted by Mr. U Mirizzi, the President of USARCI.

The LWG discussed, amongst others, the background of the Directive in the 80’, the aim of the Refit Program and the work of IUCAB until now in order to inform the European Commission about the importance of the commercial agent and his role in the cross border trade.

Case law was discussed and reports about possible new fact sheets for Members were presented and discussed.

The Program of the IUCAB Delegates Meeting coming up in June 2014 was discussed. The LWG will give a presentation about E-commerce and the exclusive agency at this meeting.

The next LWG meeting will take place on 26th November 2014 during the Annual Meeting of IUCAB Member Association, the Manufacturers’ Agents’ Association (MAA). The place of venue is not known yet.

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