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IUCAB Secretarial Working Group meets in Rome

In January 2015, the IUCAB Secretarial Working Group (SWG) came together in Rome, Italy, at the offices of USARCI. We were welcomed by Mr. Massimiliano Baldini at this first meeting in Italy. We are indebted for the hospitality afforded to us.

Those attending the meeting included:

  • Rachel DETAIN (APAC – France)
  • Eckhard DOEPFER (CDH – Germany)
  • Anne DURUEL (FNAC – France)
  • Paul HOLTROP (VNT – Netherlands)
  • David JOHNSON (The MAA – UK)
  • Jordi MARTI (COACH – Barcelona)
  • Olivier MAZOYER (APAC – France)
  • Christian REBERNIG (WKO – Austria)
  • Marco RIGETTI (USARCI – Italy)
  • Carlo TABELLINI (USARCI – Italy)
  • Helena WAKER (AofTP – Sweden)

Presentations and discussions included:

  • The General macro-economic outlook
  • The forthcoming IUCAB Delegates Meeting & Congress in Warsaw
  • The IUCAB Platform
  • The REFIT Review of the Commercial Sales Agents Directive
  • IUCAB’s Marketing tools
  • IUCAB’s Communication
  • Training
  • European funds
  • Sponsoring
  • blog from associations
  • Next meeting will be held on 14th May 2015 at the Congress in Warsaw

The overall content of the discussions were very constructive indeed with the focus on sharing experiences as well as supporting and reaching out to all the National Associations of IUCAB.

We feel that all the developments proposed and discussed can add value and privilege to Agents belonging to our National Associations, to IUCAB for visibility in the marketplace and for generating additional income for the national associations and its members.

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