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Legal Working Group meets in Edinburgh, Great Britain

On 13th October 2017 the Members of the IUCAB Legal Working Group (LWG) came together for a meeting in Edinburgh. The law firm Harper McLeod LLP hosted the meeting.

The attendees were: Mr. Paul Holtrop (Netherlands), Mr. Michael Svendsen (Denmark), Mr. Larry Coltman (UK), Mrs. Patricia Keltner-Montvernay (France), Mr. Henrik Renner Fredriksen (Norway), Mrs. Meritxell Padros del Bas (Spain), Mrs. Marta Zelewska (Germany) and Mrs. E-Ming Fong, partner of the law firm, as guest.

Mrs. E-Ming Fong gave an overview of Scottish commercial agency law. Furthermore, the LWG members discussed the validity of contractual agreements, providing that a part of the commission is an advance payment on indemnity. Another focus was on the commercial agent’s right to indemnity when terminating the contract because of age.

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