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Meetings with Institutions and Business Associations in Budapest

On 21st November 2019, IUCAB President, Mr. Olivier Mazoyer and Secretary General, Mr. Christian Rebernig held several meetings in the occasion to the IUCAB board meeting in Budapest.

They visited the Director of the Department for International Affairs of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mrs. Maria Stark and the Deputy-Director Mrs. Palmay, in order to get an idea of the economic developments, the structure of the Chamber and the service to export companies.

Furthermore, they met Mr. Mark Mautner and Mrs. Adrienn Göbel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and the Head of Department of Institutional Relations Department from HEPA (Export Agency), Mrs. Erzsébet Nagy as well as Mr. Gábor Fenyes. It was agreed on future cooperation possibilities and organisation of B2B events in order to promote IUCAB’s services as well as commercial agents’ profession and to support Hungarian companies in entering new markets.

Additionally meetings took place with Mr. Csaba Kilián, the CEO of the Association of Hungarian Automotive Industry and Mrs. Lívia Palicska, the President of the Association of Hungarian Light Industry (textile, clothing, leather and shoes industry). The IUCAB B2B platform was introduced as a tool in bringing together their members with commercial agents.

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