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Is your company looking to expand, enter a new market, or expand its sales activities? These are all reasons to consider recruiting an independent commercial agent. It’s a robust alternative to traditional hiring. But how do you find and recruit the right person, the right agent?

How to recruit a commercial agent?

You don’t necessarily have to engage a recruitment firm specialized in hiring independent salespeople right away. An alternative is to simply post your offer to attract the attention of commercial agents.

Nowadays, many online platforms offer the opportunity to publish your offer and announce your intention to recruit a salesperson.

IUCAB offers a B2B platform with the largest number of commercial agents in the world, with over 15,000 professionals present in many countries. Additionally, through the IUCAB Member Associations much more can be reached. In the IUCAB countries approximately 600,000 sales experts are placing products in the market.

However, given the large number of advertisements on these platforms, it’s essential that your offer stands out to attract an independent commercial agent.

Here are the key points that will ensure the success of your recruitment:

Assessment of your needs

Assessing your needs is the first essential step in the process of recruiting an independent commercial agent. You need to understand your company’s sales requirements and determine the skills and traits needed in a commercial agent.

Identify areas where you need support and determine the sales goals you want to achieve. This will help you find a candidate who best fits your company and your goals.

Writing a compelling job description

Writing a compelling job description is crucial to attracting the right candidates. Highlight the key responsibilities of the position and the expectations you have for the independent commercial agent.

Describe the profile of the ideal candidate, emphasizing sales skills, the ability to work independently, and achieve sales goals. Make sure to also include information about compensation and benefits offered.

It’s important to write a targeted offer. The offer should also include essential mentions such as:

the services/products to be marketed

the description of the assigned mission,

the geographical area of intervention,

the targeted market and expected clientele.

Using recruitment channels for Sales force

There are several recruitment channels you can use to find independent commercial agents. Online platforms such as IUCAB’s and professional networks are excellent ways to spread your job offer.

Participating in industry networking events can also help you find qualified candidates. Be sure to explore all available options and use channels that are most relevant to your industry.

Integration and training of sales reps

After identifying the right profile, the recruitment process isn’t over. It’s essential to spend time on integration.

Integrating new commercial agents is important to help them adapt to your company and culture. Define a clear integration process and provide them with the necessary information to start their work.

Also, develop training programs to equip your commercial agents with the skills and product knowledge they need. Be sure to provide ongoing support and development opportunities to foster their long-term success.


In conclusion, recruiting an independent commercial agent can be a strategic move for your company’s growth, market penetration, or expansion of sales activities. While traditional hiring methods have their merits, leveraging the services of a commercial agent offers flexibility and expertise tailored to your specific needs. By understanding your company’s sales requirements, crafting a compelling job description, utilizing diverse recruitment channels, and prioritizing the integration and training of your agents, you can ensure a successful recruitment process. With platforms like IUCAB offering access to a vast pool of commercial agents worldwide, the possibilities for finding the right match for your business are extensive. Embracing this approach not only broadens your talent pool but also enhances your company’s agility and competitiveness in the market.

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