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Secretarial Working Group meets in London

On Friday 27th January 2012 the IUCAB Secretarial Working Group (SWG) held its Annual Meeting at the offices of the law firm ReedSmith, kindly hosted by Mr. Edward Miller (Member of the IUCAB Legal Working Group and Partner at ReedSmith).

The meeting was chaired by IUCAB V ice President Mr. Olivier Mazoyer and past IUCAB Vice President Mr. Paul Wakeling. In attendance were National Secretaries from the UK, France, Austria, Gemany, Sweden, Spain and IUCAB Secretary General Mr. Jaap van Till.

Actions an achievements during the year 2011, were presented by the National Secretaries and experiences were exchanged regarding the recruitment of new Membership and retaining Membership.

Further progress was made towards increased participation in the IUCAB Database.

Focus on the general image of the commercial agency profession is shared by all National Secretaries. Ideas and experiences regarding methods used for increasing awareness and profile of the profession were exchanged.

The next meeting of the SWG will take place in Amsterdam in January 2013.

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