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63rd Annual Delegates’ Meeting & Congress of IUCAB

This year, the annual Delegates’ meeting of IUCAB was held in Malaga, Spain. Presidents, secretaries, and lawyers of all member associations came together. The annual meeting was hosted by the Spanish member Conseil de Col-legis d’Agents Commercials de Catalunya (COACB). For this occasion, Mr. Manuel Maestre, president of de Consejo General de Agentes Comerciales de España (CGAC), spoke opening words and referred to the 90th anniversary of CGAC.

  • ExCom is in contact with an organisation which works closely together with the Dutch and Turkish Chamber of Commerce.
  • IUCAB likes to get into contact with suppliers organisations as well.
  • Potential membership of a Russian organisation has been discussed.
  • Mr. Christian Rebernig of the Austrian member WKO has been appointed as new Secretary-General and presented his vision and action plan for the near future.
  • The old IUCAB Charter of 2010 has been refreshed and adjustments were accepted by the Delegates.
  • Mrs. Graf, on behalf of the German company Increon, responsible for the IUCAB platform “come into contact”, gave a presentation on the importance of the IUCAB platform. The platform will be expanded with the Italian member USARCI. Discussions on one French platform and an Eastern platform are running.
  • The legal Working Group has drafted a distribution agreement which can be used by the members.
  • Vice-President Mr. David Johnson was elected for a new three-year term.
  • Delegates meeting 2017 will be held in Helsinki, Finland and/or St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • A B2B and Congress meeting was held on 20th May 2016.

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