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ExCom meets in Meerbusch

The Members of the Executive Committee of IUCAB assembled on 20th September 2007 in Meerbusch, Germany at the offices of the IUCAB President Mr. Wolfgang Hinderer.

The Annual Delegates Meeting 2007 in Lyon was evaluated and the President of APAC, Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, received congratulations for the excellent organisation of this year’s annual event.

The proceedings to be followed with a view to the IUCAB President Elections in 2008 were discussed. A letter had been sent out by the IUCAB Secretary-General Mr. Jaap van Till to all Member Associations inviting them to submit nominations before the end of the month of October. It was agreed that all nominees would be invited for interviews with the Members of the Selection Committee in the course of the month of December 2007.

Further to the positive reception of the idea to develop a IUCAB Pool (database) by the IUCAB Delegates in Lyon, IUCAB Vice President Mr. Walter Krammer summarised the further actions to be taken in this respect and confirmed that he would present a detailed proposal for establishing a database on the occasion of the next meeting of the Executive Committee to be held in Vienna on Monday 3rd March 2008. Mr. Walter Krammer furthermore announced that a IUCAB Speakers List would be available for presentation on the IUCAB website. Mr. van Till confirmed that he would see to it that a new chapter was added to the IUCAB website for this purpose.

IUCAB Vice President, Mr. George Hayward, submitted a report on CPMR-developments and it was agreed that the IUCAB secretariat would send out a mailing to all IUCAB Member Associations inviting them to encourage their Members to participate at next year’s course which will take place at Arizona State University from 6th – 10th January 2008.

IUCAB Vice President, Mr. Jan Björnum, presented an activity plan for the IUCAB Vision Group. It was agreed that all Member Associations would be requested to provide specific information about their Membership in order to enable the IUCAB Vision Group to make an assessment of the business activities carried out by commercial agency firms in the various IUCAB countries.

IUCAB Vice President, Mr. Paul Wakeling, presented his ideas for the next meeting of the Secretarial Working Group which is scheduled for 31st January 2008 in Luton, UK. It was agreed that an invitation letter and agenda for this meeting would be send to the Secretaries of the National Associations in the course of the months of October/November 2007.

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will take place on 1st March 2008 in Vienna at the offices of the Austrian Member Association.

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