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Legal Working Group of IUCAB meets in Paris

The Members of the IUCAB Legal Working Group assembled in Paris on 26th November 2012. The meeting took place at the Paris Offices of the French Member Association APAC and was kindly hosted and prepared by Mrs. Rachel Detain and Mrs. Patricia Keltner.

The meeting was chaired by IUCAB Secretary General Jaap van Till and attended by Edward Miller, Larry Coltman, Carlo Tabellini, Gaël Grignon Dumoulin, Michael Svendsen and a new Member from the Norwegian Association Henrik Renner Fredriksen. Eckhard Döpfer and Sina Heller from the German Member Association CDH were unable to attend the meeting.

Important topics of discussion were, among others, the recent developments in the field of competition law, choice of law and jurisdiction clauses in agency contracts, post contractual non-compete obligations and case law developments in the various countries.

The next meeting of the IUCAB Legal Working Group will take place at the offices of the Norwegian Member Association in Oslo on 12th April 2013.

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