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Secretarial Working Group meets in Amsterdam

The Secretarial Working Group (SWG) of IUCAB assembled on 25th January 2013 at the offices of the IUCAB Secretariat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The meeting was hosted by IUCAB Secretary General Mr. Jaap van Till.

IUCAB Vice President and Chairman of the SWG Mr. Olivier Mazoyer presided the meeting which was furthermore attended by former IUCAB Vice President Mr. Paul Wakeling from the UK and National Secretaries from Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Key issues that were discussed during the meeting included:

  • the economic situation in the EU and the situation of commercial agents in the various countries;
  • Participants gave presentations on the activities and achievements of the National Associations during the year 2012 and valuable experienced and knowhow was exchanged;
  • attention was paid to educational programmes developed by the National Associations and additional time was devoted to the Webinar Programme developed by the German Member Association CDH;
  • actions aiming at a further increased participation to the IUCAB Platform were agreed (;
  • a survey will be carried out by all National Member Associations which should give IUCAB more specified information about the day to day activities carried out by commercial agents. A draft questionnaire prepared by SWG Chairman Mr. Olivier Mazoyer was discussed and finalised for this purpose.

Next year’s Annual Meeting of the SWG is scheduled for January 2014 and to be held in Berlin.

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