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Summary of Vienna Executive Committee Meeting

On 3rd March 2008 the Members of the Executive Committee and Observers had a meeting in Vienna which was hosted by IUCAB Vice-President on behalf of the Austrian Member Association.

The final programme of the upcoming Annual Delegates Meeting in Berlin was presented and approved of.

The results of the survey carried out by the IUCAB Vision Group were presented and discussed and a follow up will be given by IUCAB Vice-President Mr. Jan Björnum and the Annual Delegates Meeting in Berlin.

Agreement was reached on how to proceed with IUCAB Vice-President Walter Krammer’s idea to develop and launch a IUCAB Database. The German and Austrian Member Associations will join forces for the purpose of facilitating and preparing the development of a database-system.

The Mentorship Programme developed by the Swedish Association will be offered to the other IUCAB Member Associations. The using of this Mentorship Programme should be a valuable instrument for further quality improvement by sharing experience and knowledge.

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