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Virtual meeting of the IUCAB Executive Committee

The IUCAB Executive Committee met on 16th September 2022 virtually and exchanged on current issues. The IUCAB President, Mr. Olivier Mazoyer, welcomed the Vice-Presidents Mr. Charles Cohon from USA, Ms. Eeva Pakkanen from Finland, Mr. Ralf Scholz from Germany, Mr. Matthew Tickle as observer from UK & Ireland and Mr. Christian Rebernig, the IUCAB Secretary General. The Vice-Presidents Mr. Enric Enrech from Spain, Mr. Marco Righetti from Italy and Mr. Axel Sturmberger from Austria were apologised for the meeting.

The European Study of Commercial Agents 2021 is available now. Further information and a short summary has been placed on the IUCAB homepage. 12 key messages were identified, which will be promoted on the social media channels in order to increase the visibility of the profession and to strengthen the relationship with manufacturers.

Referring to networking Mr. Rebernig informed that IUCAB is intensifying the collaboration with GL Events, which organises professional events and exhibitions internationally. Commercial agents who are associated to IUCAB Member Associations will have a free entry to exhibitions. Moreover, it is planned to set up a conference which shall bring together manufacturers and commercial agents. The next opportunities for strengthening the cooperation will be during the SIRHA from 19th until 23rd January 2023 and Global Industrie from 7th until 10th March 2023 in Lyon, France each.

The Adriatic Region Agents Association (ARAA) is planning its Assembly and networking event in the first quarter of 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where IUCAB will take part and support the initiative, which aims to bring companies and agencies from different Southeast-European Countries under one umbrella association.

IUCAB is further interested in collaborating with universities to improve the offer of training programs for commercial agents. Therefore, further steps will be discussed with the project partners soon.

By referring to the social media activities, the Secretary General underlined the importance to share the commercial agents issues. This will increase the community of IUCAB. Enlarging the IUCAB network and contacts worldwide will be in focus for the next months. IUCAB will start a global research on commercial agents as well as on manufacturers associations.

The 70th anniversary of IUCAB will be celebrated from 18th until 20th May 2023 in Berlin, Germany, where a Congress will take place for all interested stakeholders.

The next Executive Committee will be hosted by The MAA and is scheduled for 25th November 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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